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April 2013


Another month over and it was a crazy April.

Looking back now and knowing I’ve been all the places I had been anticipating from my desk and it’s over.

I move to London today, today. That thought alone is a little crazy, but nonetheless I can only move forward.

There are many photos and not even all these are all of my favorites, they will have to do.

I hope your April was eventful and as beautiful also.

Bathroom message, California/Vintage cash register, California/Phoenix from Camelback, Arizona/LA Observatory door, California

James overlooking Los Angeles

Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona/Natural Bridges Park, Utah/Bottom of the Rockies, Colorado

Monument Valley, Utah/Tulips in darkness, New York City/Cassidy in LA, California/Old town Albuquerque, New Mexico

Friends in Dallas, Texas/East Side Show Room in Austin, Texas/Route 66, Arizona

Lone Watcher of Sunset

Austin Street Performer, Texas/Bobbie in Dallas, Texas

Brooklyn Bridge lines, New York City/Berlin Wall in Midtown, New York City/Spring Flowers, New York City

Tulips, New York City/Wall in Foliage, Austin Texas/French Effect, Downtown New York City

Grand Times Square in the rain, New York City

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  • May 17, 2013 - 22:30

    Your fave stay @ home mum - Hello sweetie!!!!
    I’m loving your website, I feel like I’m on the journey with you! How are you? How’s life in London? Miss us???!!!!! I smiled at your key-lime pie – such a shame you didn’t get to share that with us, but at least we had the pleasure of relishing the comfort-eating it provided!
    We’re all good here, Glenn got really sick though, with that flu (American, apparently) and it really knocked him down for a week, but he’s back to his old-man best now 🙂 .
    The kids are back at school, so life’s as crazy as ever, but we are missing you :* .
    Take care, reply when you can,
    love you heaps,

    • May 18, 2013 - 03:40

      Sylvie - Hello lovely Kharyn,

      So good to hear from you and an email is coming soon. Yes, I’m glad you enjoyed the Key Lime Pie and I have to say I’ve been craving some every time I look at the pictures so maybe will have to make some. I definitely miss you all so!!!

      Love the old man best comment, yes truly his style 😉

      Love you loads and promise an email is coming in the next 48 hours 😀ReplyCancel

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