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Easy Mango Eton Mess


Moving to a new city means that there a lot of new things to see, discover and eat.

Especially a city as large and spread out as London, this city where you can walk through two or three different neighborhoods in the span of a ten minute wander.

My lovely friend Knox and I went on a sort of adventure, meandering the narrow streets of Soho, just exploring on the way to our dinner destination Herman ze German for some authentic sausages and pomme frites. We were not disappointed with our meals nor the sites so we continued until the sun had passed the tops of the buildings before making our way home.

With a little time on a Friday afternoon it was a perfect way to end the week and made me all too aware of how much I need to still focus on seeing.

I’ve lived in London for 4 months now and with work and schedules and injuries keeping me close to home I haven’t spent as much time exploring this world famous city as I should have.

Thats not to say I haven’t relished seeing Big Ben every morning on my exit from the tube or stopping to take picture like a true tourist, but reality can sometimes get int he way of taking opportunities to enjoy where we live and last night was a great reminder of this.

Sometimes a simple and understated dessert can leave an impression and this very simple mango eton mess did just that to me. Now, if strawberry meringue is not sold in your area, then plain meringues will suffice as the currents and mango are the real stars in this dessert anyway.

Mango and Red Current Eton Mess
Serves 4

1 mango, skinned and sliced into 1 inch thick slices
200 grams red currents
100 grams bought strawberry meringue, broken into bite-sized
1 cup thickened cream

Place the mango in your serving glasses, then layer the meringue, cream and currents and continue until the serving glass is full.

Top with currents.


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