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Fritter Memories


Most recipes I post on here have a simple, no fuss history to them, they don’t contain much of a story even when I’m making something that has never actually met my tastebuds before.

Most of the time that is the case, today though, there is a little story about my first few hours in Thailand. This was my first and only trip to Asia and my best friend was my companion on this adventure as we set out with 14 hours on a plane, a short overnight stay and another 5 hour flight in a plane filled with young families far too loud for our exhausted ears to tolerate before landing in Phuket. It was to be another hour before we checked into our hotel.

Walking into our room it was late in the evening as we dragged our weary bodies and luggage behind us.

In true Nisha style she put her bags down and picked up the room service menu, I wasn’t even hungry as I knew my eyes would beat me into submission sooner rather than later, but she continued reading aloud until we decided on banana fritters. We’d had them many times in our past meals we’d shared at our usual dinner spot.

Here we were on vacation in a land I’d never been to and there was something on the menu we’d turned down only rarely before, it was irresistible in our drunkenly tired states to say no.

Ordering the fritters she sat down at the little table opposite me…and that’s all either of us remember before a knock at the door in what could have only been a short time later.

Picking our heads off the table we both stared at each other in confusion, thinking ‘how long did those fritters take to get here?’

Turns out we were so exhausted we fell asleep right at the table then and there, something we still laugh about to this day! We don’t remember closing our eyes or laying our heads down on the table, our eyes took over and our minds shut off.

Nisha cannot even order room service without laughing about this incident.

Moral of the story, order room service the day after you arrive.

Here are some banana fritters that require no room service, they’re so easy.

Thai Banana Fritters
Adapted from Street Food Recipes Blog
Serves 12

3/4 cup flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/3 cup superfine/caster sugar
1 tablespoon seasame seeds
225ml coconut milk
6 small or 3 large slightly ripe bananas
500ml sunflower oil (or more depending on the size of the pot you are using)

Mix the flour, sugar, salt, seasame seeds and coconut milk in a bowl until it is a smooth mixture.

Peel and chop the banana’s into 3 inch slices and then slice in half.

In a large pot pour the sunflower oil, cover and bring to the boil.

Dip the bananas into the batter and ensure they are well covered. Carefully and slowly lower two pieces of banana into the hot oil, turning to ensure even cooking. This should only take approximately 1 minute.

Drain on paper towels and continue with the remaining banana slices until all cooked.

Serve immediately.

Note: I found the batter struggled to stay on the banana’s so double battered them and cooked them all again which resulted in how they look in the photos.

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