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Honoring A Request


22 July 2012 was a day I received my first request on my Facebook page for this very blog.

It went like this ‘Dear Roamingtaste, please make me this. That is all’ and included a link for what this was.

The time of year meant the ingredients weren’t readily available and to be honest I didn’t even know what lemon verbena was (it’s a small leaf that smells like lemon but looks like a herb as seen below for those of us not that educated in food).

So it sat there, every time I would log into my Facebook page for Roamingtaste there it would be staring back at me.

I slowly and surely waited for fresh apricot season to come around.

Well that request was recently fulfilled and the person who requested it is my best friend so sure enough I shared it with her.

This shows that yes I will fill requests you make to me either here or there and if we’re near each other I’d gladly share it with you, for what’s a gastronomic request without a fulfillment?

It just may take me some time to do, so patience may be required.

Apricot and Lemon Verbena Pops
Adapted from Dessert Girl
Makes 6

800g/1 pound apricots, pitted and halved
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup water
Additional 1/4 cup sugar
3/4 cup milk
3/4 cup pouring cream
1/2 cup superfine/caster sugar
Handful lemon verbena leaves

Place the apricots and 1/3 cup sugar in a saucepan and cook on low to medium heat until the apricots are very soft and the sugar has dissolved completely.

Place in a food processer or using a hand process, process until smooth in the saucepan.

Set aside.

Meanwhile, place the water and remaining sugar in a saucepan and place on high until boiling and the sugar has dissolved.

Pour the sugar syrup into the apricot mixture and stir well to combine.

Refrigerate until well chilled then fill popsicle molds a third of the way with the apricot mixture.

Freeze until set.

For the lemon verbena syrup, place the milk, cream, sugar and lemon verbena leaves in a saucepan on medium until the mixture is lightly boiling  and the sugar has dissolved.

Remove from heat and let stand for an hour to steep.

Remove the verbena leaves and refrigerate.

To finish the popsicle’s pour the lemon verbena syrup a further third way up the molds and freeze until set (I mixed it up here).

Add the remaining apricot mixture to the popsicles and freeze until set.

When serving remove and let stand for approximately 2 minutes in room temperature.



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