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Tree Climbing

I’m twenty five, yet most of the time I look at people who are married or with kids and think, I’m definitely not grown up enough. Sure if I stepped up to the bat I’m positive I could be as mature as necessary, but needless to say being single and free means I can and do indulge in my childish wants whenever I can.While I’m still awaiting feedback on interviews, I made the time to visit one of my oldest and closest friends, he currently lives in the countryside. Most of the time he visits me in suburbia. I don’t like the countryside, I am in fact, a city girl.While visiting him , I went for a little walkabout outside and found a climbable tree, an activity I haven’t found myself doing since I was a child, so I set about returning to an activity I used to actively seek out on a weekly basis and take some pictures in the process.

It was a beautiful warm day unlike so many others that have come before it this year. The sky was clear, the sun hot on my rather pale skin, however, I decided to snap the pictures in black and white to capture the beautiful light I was surrounded with in and around this tree.

A New Favorite Band Written on my Toe as it Balances

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