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White Chocolate Rocky Road


Two hundred posts is something I can’t quite believe has happened and before my second anniversary.

Sure I saw the numbers going up with each time I hit publish, but I did not consider the reality of two hundred posts.

This year has been busy in my kitchen, but I didn’t anticipate my two hundredth post so soon. Setting out to make foreign posts on a blog where I had only been to eleven countries was something that felt daunting at the time ‘would I run out of recipes?’ ‘Would I have inspiration to make up my own?’

Setting off on something new is daunting, self doubt leads to questions that hang in the air and often they can be all you see when you haven’t yet set foot on that new adventure. Self doubt aside, challenges are great as you learn your own strength and ability time and again. As you achieve one goal another comes into view and you feel a burst to try and achieve it.

And one acknowledgement comes up every time you reach a goal, those questions have been answered, the fact that I have lists of recipes on my notepad, lists that are seasonal or events that I haven’t been able to accomplish yet are proof of that.

As the end of the year draws perilously close, I’d love to hear from you the challenges and adventures you have set out on and how you have found them to be? And what you learned about yourself from the experience?

Chocolate has been a constant on this blog and to date this is my twenty fourth recipe involving the delicious substance named chocolate. It is also my tenth Donna Hay recipe, a chef I admire for her creativity and fresh ingredients (I tell people I want to be like her when I grow up). If you’ve never seen her food magazine and own a tablet you can buy her magazine from the iTunes store as each issue inspires fresh, healthy recipes with a few detours to recipe’s like this one I first spotted in her Christmas issue a couple of years ago, it had a handful of great gifting recipes worth making to add a personal touch to presents.

Although, bringing this load of rocky road into my office resulted in compliment after compliment in how much people loved these. To say it had nothing to do with the maker, but rather the simplicity of the recipe is to be honest as it’s so so simple (the video below will show you).

Note: White chocolate has a much lower cocoa in it so cooks much quicker, therefore the need to stir often.

The video below does not have a nifty pour into tin visual as I shoot on my own and it got messy due to my miscalculation of needed tin (a bread tin is too small and chocolate all over my hands was the culmination of that fact).

I had regular sized marshmallows and as you can see they are still quite large halved so feel free to quarter.

I ate one piece each day and as a self proclaimed sweet tooth it was very rich even for me, so this recipe is perfect for gifting in small amounts.

White Chocolate Rocky Road
Adapted from Donna Hay
Makes 32 two bite squares

1.75 pounds/800 grams white chocolate, broken
1 1/2 cups dried strawberries, halved
2 cups cranberries
2 1/2 cups marshmallows, halved

Line a square baking tin with greasproof paper and set aside.

Heat a double boiler on low-medium and add in the white chocolate. Stirring every minute or so until it is completely melted.


Add in the strawberries, cranberries and marshmallows to the white chocolate and fold through until evenly coated.


Pour into the baking tin and spread to even out. Refrigerate for a minimum 2 hours (or overnight).


Turn out and slice. Wrap and gift or eat.



Here is a video of instructions:


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