August 2013


August is complete, a slight sigh of relief comes from me although the weather is getting slightly colder outside.

It was a little roller coaster, from my fall and eventual limping that is still hovering around my foot to my week spent in hospital with luck on my side to be alive.

Yes, August 2013, wasn’t necessarily the best of months health wise I’ve had.

But I did manages to publish a digital magazine with almost 30 recipes for summer. And the sun has continued to shine in this fair little kingdom.

So here is my month in photos:

Children’s Play Area/M&M cookies/Dinner chandelier

Rainy day Churchill/My favorite chocolate company as a gift in hospital/Historical rules in the hospital

Call from a distant friend led to lots of smiles/Gooseberries/Flowers on the windowsill

Weekly pilgrimage to Portobello market/Pretty utensil/Large mango

Soft boiled egg with soldiers/Sourdough with strawberry jam/Finally back in my own bed

St Paul’s and morning light

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