August 2015 – Saw/Ate/Read

Another month is over and that means two thirds of the twenty fifteen is done.!

August was full of inspiration in the form of the many people I met on my travels. Somehow this was a further fulfilling trip in the sense of meeting people who want to help me on my way with my long term goals. Now only to move ahead with those plans and make good on the offers during my next trip to North America.

It was a hot month with lots of sunshine in my parts of the globe and I hope your August was filled with lots of time with friends and family over food in the warm summer evenings. Here was my month:



The last sunset in New York/Sunday brunch with the swans, New York/Racked canoes, Minneapolis



Leaning out Guthrie Theater, Minneapolis/Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis/Photo bombers, New York/From where I stand, New York




Lit up, Chicago/Beyond the lines, New York/Saturday night reds, New York


Rainbow over London/Bright couple, New York/Old friends reunited, London


This month was spent mainly traipsing around a few different locations, there was a fair bit of eating though. A doughy, chewy bagel was purchased and consumed at Ess-a-bagel and their rating of being one of the best in the city is well earned.

Stumbling upon Dough in Manhattan when I was feeling a little peckish, this had to be one of the best doughnuts I’ve had since Portland a year ago. Yes, they know their stuff here and are worth checking out and taste testing.

My trips to New York have now become synonymous with Grilled Cheese, somehow no matter how hot it is outside, I’m walking the concrete streets craving a melty cheese sandwich and I was led to Murray’s Cheese Bar, it also lives up to it’s reputation.

The recipe I wish I had doubled this month goes to Coffee Blueberry Pie, beautiful and tasty, this is a make again kind of dish.

Blog love is for Tartelette this month with her delectable looking Coconut Yogurt and Passion Fruit Tartlets.

Recipe inspiration comes in the form of this Apricot, Walnut and Lavender cake from Apt 2B Baking Co, after a failed apricot cake of my own this month.

A great little post on The Everygirl helps with things to keep in your freezer for healthy last minute meals.

Travel and Leisure published a little piece on the World’s Friendliest Cities if you have any more places you want to add to your travel list.

The food print that struck  a chord this month is a ‘Carpe Diem’ illustration to super seize the day. Truly Carpe that Diem!

A sweet and simple Travel art print caught my attention this month with its effective simplicity.

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