European Baking for Fall

So fall is here and everywhere we look are apple and pumpkin recipes…but there are a few alternatives that might shake up your baking endeavors this season by looking to Europe for some inspiration.

If you close your eyes you might be able to imagine yourself on a cobble stoned street with locals uttering foreign language and you have just sat down to have one of their local specialties.

While apples are en vogue, how about this German Sunken Apple cake, it’s actually not a task to get this look and the vanilla flavor of the cake allows the sweet apples on top to shine. If you have guests, this might impress them when you pull it out for a slice and you’ll know it’s pretty simple to whip up.

The Swedish know a thing or  two about creating a moist, sweet, buttery cake in the form of Toscakaka Cake or Tosca Cake for us English speakers. This is a treat yourself kinda cake with the caramelized slivered almonds that adorn the top. You’ll probably want to eat this with a dollop or two of Greek yogurt or better yet, if you’re treating yourself…a dollop or two of cream.

The British have a tart that includes breadcrumbs in it’s sugary filling. That’s right I said breadcrumbs. Any grocery store you walk into in the UK, whether it be large or an ‘express’ sized store will likely Treacle Tart in the dessert in the refrigerated section to buy and take home (or to a gathering). Virtually every local I spoke to had the fondest memories of eating this growing up so I suppose you could say it’s as British as Bangers and Mash.

From cakes to Dutch Ginger Rolls, these are drenched in a buttery syrup and the ginger isn’t overpowering due to the way the recipe treats this. The ingredient list can look a little overwhelming…but it is merely a bunch of steps to follow to enjoy these incredibly unique rolls. If you are going to brunch at a friends house then these will likely impress your fall loving friends.

French choux pastry is so quick to mix together that I made this three times in the span of two weeks. French cooking and baking can be known for being a little difficult and taking a fair amount of time which this recipe is neither. The beauty is that you can be creative with the flavor of these, from adding grated cheese to filling them with anything from lemon curd to chocolate to caramel or anything you want that would go great sandwiched in a pastry. The well known Cream Puffs are a great place to start if you can’t think of anything better to eat…just set aside an extra one or two of these for yourself if you intend to share.

From cake to rolls to pastry to bread…this bread is one of those heartwarming comforting additions and the Irish know what they’re doing with their Brown Bread. If you have a hankering for soup then this bread is best buttered and dunked into whatever flavored soup you have in front of you. With the oft rainy and cold weather found on those island shores, they have mastered this hands down!

Iceland has a gingery doughnut, rye bread and plenty of soups that can be found throughout the country. But their Chocolate Cornflake meringue cookies are crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. These are perfect for gluten intolerant people, though you don’t need that excuse to enjoy these.

I’d love to hear what your favorite fall recipe from the European continent is the choice in your home in the comments below.

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