February 2014 – Saw/Ate/Read


February was a mixed bag of sorts here in London, between Tube strikes and a beach visit it passed by much too quickly.

Warm sunshine at Buckingham Palace

Warm sunshine at Buckingham Palace

The sun is beginning to feel warm here which is a little odd considering so many of us are still waiting for the real winter to begin…we may have to wait another 9 months for that though.



Trying Lychees for the first time/Night food market/Peacan pie with Whiskey cream/Whiskey bar



Beach afternoon tea/Tartiflette and Olympics/Layered lunch/Beach sheds




Goodbyes/Climbing Knoxxy/Stolen camera shot/Beach pastels

Around the web the articles that got my attention this month were:
TED talk of the month is from 2008 and has some hard hitting facts which would only be larger today with food waste and the abundance of meat growth that has resulted from through fast food franchises and their demands. If you have 20 minutes to listen ‘What’s wrong with what we eat‘ is well worth the time.

The food I couldn’t get enough of this month was pumpkin, it was contained it an least one meal a day for half the month and the Pumpkin Spice Rolls is one recipe that pumpkin works well in.

A recipe that caught my eye on Saveur.com was a twist on the New Zeland Ginger Crunch, this is a fancier version I’ve added to my list with Cardamom Ginger Crunch slice perfect for an afternoon snack.

Recipe temptation came in the form of these Grilled Sweet Potato Tacos from A House in the Hills, definitely want to try these!

Blog love this month goes to Shutterbean and her ever inspiring recipe of Cherry Vanilla Hot Chocolate which makes me weak at the knees.

If I could somehow memorize this entire list I could save a lot of money on fresh fruit and vegetables in my lifetime with 27 Ways to make your groceries last longer.

Some snacks not only fill the hunger void, but are also cleansing for you from this Detox Approved Snacks list from Lauren Conrad.

Being an Instragram fiend this article grabbed my attention for Taking Good Instagram Photos when Traveling. Now to implement them…

I hope your February was enjoyable. I’d love to hear about it.

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