February 2013 and News


And with that we are two twelfths of the year down (this was the wonderful math bestowed on me, thanks to my lovely friend Lisa).

Take a deep breath because that is two months that went by in one blink or is that just how it felt to me?

In the Southern hemisphere, particularly in sheep land, the beginning of the year is covered in short clothing, sunscreen and as we call them sunnies (for the educated = sunglasses), jandels (= flip flops), national days and a slower pace of work.

It’s been a dry hot summer and a few places are experiencing droughts, but most people are just happy it’s not last year. In fact, we’re all thankful we’ve seen more sun and less rain then ever before.

Those days are gone now, its all uphill and colder weather that awaits. So while you envy us now, in a few months you’ll be wandering around in flip flops with sunglasses on your head and a cold beverage in your hand.

And…so will I, because announcement time:

I’m moving to London/England (final location not fully confirmed) so March will be my last month in these fair shores.

I will ensure before I board that plane with luggage in hand that I give you an in-depth guide to Auckland and New Zealand in general as that is the very least I could do!

Now, lets get to February photos, unfortunately having no phone for two weeks means my Instagram was quieter then usual but I’m back in business now so expect more soon.

Wise Advice/Hills to the Sky

Wedding Banners/Valentines Cupcakes (thanks to Nisha)

Hamptons in the City (it’s a restaurant)/Tamaki Drive Views

Scrub Fire/Alli as Focused Photographer/Trying Thirds/Overcast Ocean

Shaded Light/Water Trickling Towards Me

Lighting of Wonderland

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  • Cassie

    Congrats on the move, how exciting. Your blog is beautiful, glad I stopped by today!ReplyCancel

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