Here Goes

Inspiration has led me here and I wish to follow its winding road due to life’s changing numbers.

I turn 25 next week.

Its as though two big black clouds are hanging over my head and they’re shaped two five.

Some people live by the attitude that age is just a number, but I am a January baby and January babies are different. Our new age begins with a new year and new year’s begin with reflection of who we are, where we are, who we want to be and how to get where we want to be going.

So where exactly would I like to be going…this path that has involved what I calculated recently as 20+ flights to different destinations in the America’s (and one short trip to Asia) in the past five years.

I am a wanderer and this reputation is now preceding me.

Through my wanderings; explorations of various cultures, lands and places, I have discovered food.

Food I didn’t know about.

Food with a history.

Food that makes you feel like superman/woman.

Food that makes your tastebuds scream for more.

Inspiration of cultures has lead me here and I want to inspire you to taste what Ive tasted.

Each week I want to make one thing I’ve tried on my travels. I also want to write about food that takes my breath away, the laden plates I’ve discovered in my own surroundings.

Where do I really want to be going…home.

That may take a while so I’m going to begin here.

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