January 2014 – Saw/Ate/Read

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With a new year comes some new plans and my monthly round up will now be more about my life instead of just an array of snapshots. Of course though, the passion of photography runs deep through my veins so there will be plenty more photographs this year through each post.




Countryside Frost/Barcelona duo/Gaudi’s View/Still and Moving/New Project/Nina in Notting Hill




Colorful Tourists in Barcelona/Buckingham Palace in Winter Light/Sweet Potato Wedges/Theater Shows





Muntanyan’s Beach Sideline/Baix a Mar/Playa Canyadell Silhouette/Keeley and I/Smiley Gemma

The food I couldn’t get enough of this month was: sweet potatoes, from frittatas, to wedges to these sweet potato melts starters. I was seeing sweet potato!

Around the web the articles that got my attention this month were:
If you know what TED is than you know there is a wealth of talks on their site and app worth listening to about almost any subject to expand your mind – happiness, memories, love, photography. If you have never heard of TED before than simply put it’s a virtual classroom, listening to educated people (many from the school of life) that teaches you about the world that we live in and share with some very smart and knowledgeable people. The TED talk worth listening to this month comes from 2010 and an 11-year-old Birke Baehr whose knowledge of localizing food production and supporting local farmers will inspire you.

A Subtle Revelry‘s 10 Party Hacks for an Awesome 2014 had me wooing as this is something I want to do more of this year.

The Kitchn’s Freezer recipe had me craving pastry, cheese and prosciutto in the recipe for Grown-Up Prosciuotto and Cheddar Hot Pockets. Perfect for winter snacks.

Blog love this month goes to Crepes of Wrath with her delectable Pumpkin Pie with Caramel Swirl and such a sweet note about her married life.

The interesting food article of the month goes to Details magazine with the interesting information on Fresh versus Frozen Produce – it turns out some produce is better for you from the frozen section.

My favorite travel article came from one of my newly discovered favorite travel bloggers Trevor Morrow Travel published a 10 Cars I Want to Explore the World In list, maps included. Can I join, even just one of these please?

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