July 2014 – Saw/Ate/Read


I’m feeling a little stunned disbelief that July is over. The seventh month that had been so free of plans got gobbled up with new friends who have now since also returned to their Cali shores and there were too many late nights making memories with them than a reasonable, mature person would have. Of which I am obviously neither.

August will surely pass by even faster with so many plans and a trip back to America set for the end of the month. We shall see how this rollarcoaster rides. If the beginning of the month is anything to reckon with though, sleep will be a distant memory to everything that has to be done.


Having the ability to take people around London spots I went to a few great spots and also tried a few new ones, so here is my July:



Regent’s Park cutie/Fourth of July in Notting Hill/Mayfair/You shot me through the heart/Regent’s Park Water and Statues




Lines of shadows/Lucky Seven spread/Saturday sunset/World Cup final/Gone Burger/Cocktail of choice at Beach Blanket Babylon



No one’s sure of what face to pull/Hyde Park Viewings/Heartbreaker Amanda

This month I ate at Lucky Seven Diner in Notting Hill with its delicious fare (the shakes and onion rings are definitely worth ordering). And traveled all the way to Crouch End for GoneBurger, a New Zealand burger stand linked with the Railway Tavern. It was a long journey (thanks to Tube hiccups), but lets go into details on this burger: The patty is rubbed with spices and then cooked in front of you and finally layered together. It was so worth the hour it took me to get there (partly my own error) and made my tiredness and travel induced grump fade away. Yes, the best burger connoisseurs in the world are Kiwis and GoneBurger knows how to make a stellar one. They’re there every Friday and Saturday night cooking these on the barbecue all summer.

Cocktails on a Monday night won’t be a new tradition, but it was a nice change to go to, especially at such a unique location such as Beach Blanket Babylon.

Around the web this month:
As a writer and recipe enthusiast the weekly USA Today Books newsletter was of special interest this month with their list of 10 New Cookbooks Celebrate Summer, and lucky for us, the list includes one recipe from each book as a snippit of whats on offer inside their covers.

The recipe I could eat every week for the rest of my life from this month was the Custard Caramel Blueberry Bars, which are not as overtly sweet as they may seem and the flavors just pop with each mouthful.

Blog Love this month goes to Two Red Bowls, yes the last breakfast recipe I posted on here was lemon pancakes, but pancakes, especially with Lemon are always perfect. These Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with Chamomile Cream look amazing and probably taste that way too.

The post that stood out was these little pots of Strawberry Creme Brulee from Hummingbird High, I imagine these are a burst of sweet summer air in your mouth (her sweet little story to go along with this recipe is  worth a read alone).

Tis the season for camping or if you are a natural city dweller than how about Glamping? Well this article lists the 10 best places to glamp around the globe, you can keep your glamping though, as I live for the basics in summer.

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