July 2019

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Though my month in review is a little late (technical issues and horrendous cold withstanding), there is a lot to say about July…more specifically a lot to share. The majority of it was spent in America, first in California and then New York (in between we had a small elopement in Yosemite…more on that to come), before we flew on to spend the last week in a sleepy English town on the south coast.

Friends, I would love to know how your month was, what was a highlight for you? What were some of the things you were obsessed with or doing?

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Obsessed with:

All of the pizza in New York! I will still be officially half pizza in three months time from our consumption.

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This beyond sweet article about a moment in time and a couple and their cherry tree. It’s uplifting, beautiful and a little bittersweet to say the least.

Best quote:

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American Netflix has Midsomer Murders…long hot days are best topped off with a wee casual murder mystery in the evenings. We even watched this on our wedding day…after eating far too much cheese and feeling all very very sleepy.

Social Media Love:

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Bonappetitmag is a rather large account that most who love food will likely already be following, but it’s too good not to suggest. You’ll learn things. Watch things. Get very hungry for this. This is a profile not to be missed.

Eating at:
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After many visits to New York and never stepping foot inside, we went twice in our ten days for a meal here. Highly recommend cutting through all the options and highly suggesting you get the half matzo ball soup and half Rueben…my two dinner buddies had such food envy when I wisely got this the first time.
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This place is worth the hype. It’s weird to say we went because of the hype, it was the nearest pizza company to our accommodation and after years of not having pizza in New York, this is a must visit for sure. Go for the pizza, but stay for that soft serve!!!
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It’s worth the hype. Taking two newbies to the Big Apple meant a bagel place was an essential stop and Ess is just worth going to. It’s mad and the line can be a bit confusing, but once you’re eating a bagel that will change your views of what bagels are (for those outside the continental US, this is pure fact), it’s all worth the inability to choose what to put on it and whether to have it toasted or not.
corn avocado bacon pesto salad
It’s kinda all in the name, but this Summer Pesto Salad has bright ingredients that are in season as well as finely chopped herbs that weave their way through this dish and to top it off there.is.bacon if you weren’t already sure you wanted this.
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It’s been hot enough in the Northern Hemisphere for chilled soups and Salmorejo is perfect because you probably already have all the ingredients in your kitchen.
Though you do have to turn your oven on to make Peach Cobbler, one you have a bowl full of this juicy goodness topped with ice cream, it doesn’t matter because it’s almost like you are eating summer with each spoonful.
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