June 2013


My handy Canon camera was less in my hand for June, for which I apologize, there is however, a number of food beverage images to compensate.

Best of all of this months photos though, are those baby swans. Yes those little grey fluff balls had me going in a higher then normal pitched voice ‘they’re so cute.’

Walking past the mother swan diligently re-purposing her nest while sitting patiently in the cold spring had me worried when I saw no swan and no baby chicks in early June. One week there was no swan and no babies and I thought maybe the cooler temperatures had meant it was to be a bad spring for these caring parents.

I was wrong for the next week there the little grey fluffy water birds were with mother in careful tow.

This is my June in pictures:

Summer’s day sunshine crowds/Anthopologie on Regent Street is a home straight out of my dreams/Pimm’s Celebratory drinks/Thai Dinner ceiling plants

Hyde Park air show/ Rooftop restaurant/ My new job leads to streets filled with this architecture

Mother’s watchful eye

Tube message/The lights down the tunnel/ Summer art installation at Piccadilly/Baking disaster’s still happen

Portabello markets baked goods/ Flowering mews/ Vampire Weekends new hardwar

Throwback to my early childhood, full of smiles and a baby tongue

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