June 2014 – Saw/Ate/Read

Thirty days seems like a long time when you are catching up with friends from shores long left behind and seeing other friends off to their month in Europe. Oh and a little smore making in between.

Yes, June was surprisingly warm and full of activities as well as a weekend trip to Wales with a little jousting thrown in for good measure.


The month began with my visiting friend Ayesha and her first time on English soil. I wanted to make her time and budget worthwhile so we spend a large portion of our time together walking around famous sites. Seeing those sites through fresh eyes made London feel a little more special than the daily grind of living here and also allowed for making time to see things I don’t seek out enough.



The ever blue lined Tower Bridge/London City/Must read for any twentysomething/Adorable father and kids/St Paul’s




Little knight/Jousting/Food and Drink/Fluffy eater




Fishing town of Tenby/Stellar sunset/Ayesha on St Paul’s Steps, Smores with Renee and Pilar’s playing around

This month I had the fun of entering NOLA, a bar with an atmosphere taken straight from that Mardi Gras city across the pond and it’s reputation is already strong despite it being relatively new. Pilar and I enjoyed our last supper at Elk in the Woods over some homey food. And yes, marshmallow roasting in the oven was also enjoyed by Renee and I.

The TED talk of the month is about Why Dieting doesn’t usually Work nor is it conducive to a long term healthy relationship with food.

The recipe I couldn’t get enough of this month was the Victoria Sponge Cake which was surprisingly easy to make and filled with in-season fresh strawberries (as opposed to jam). This is classy and simple baking at its finest.

Blog Love this month goes to The First Mess and her take on Vanilla Bean Millet Porridge with Lavendar Strawberries. I imagine eating this is like holding on to spring a little longer, plus it would be a perfect breakfast to keep you full during your busy lives.

A great article about Easy Three Ingredient Recipe’s range from breakfast to starters to desserts in this list from Epicurious.

In the summertime, when the weather is fine, sunscreen is vital with all the extra hours we’re outdoors. But there are also foods you can eat that can prevent sunburn and aging from the inside out and here are the 13 best foods to prevent sunburn and aging from All Women’s Talk.

If you are trying to find ways to regain extra time with your childhood than this list of Adult summer camps should be a must visit. I know I’m bookmarking some for a future summer.

What not to pack is about as succinct an article on travel packing as I could find. So many people overpack and too often it’s unnecessary for the trip and can end up being a hassle. This is a must read for those overpackers we all know.


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