Lives Lost

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I’ve been doing a lot of thinking.

A lot.

About those children, about those innocent people, about the lives lost in Connecticut.

Life can be cruel, heartless and render one speechless at times. In the same manner though, in the same heartbeat, the best in people is always given and shared amongst the living.

Individuals go out of their way to give a hug. Or make something to show they care. They order a bunch of flowers or simply stop by to say a word or two.

I wish I could hug each of those people affected.

I wish I could sit down next to them and hold their hands when needed. Be a listening ear when they are ready.

I wish I could help.

It’s at times like this one asks, how can life go on?

Indeed it does, seconds pass us by like every second before.

The heart learns to ache a little less.

I know my food blog isn’t here to be serious, I know that’s not my place.

In this moment though, I wanted to share something a six year old can teach us all – be open about love and be unafraid to admit how much.

Noah Pozner died in that shooting, leaving behind more broken hearts then can be counted.

When his mother used to tell him she loved him he would always reply “Not as much as I love you, mom.”

Growing up can make us more afraid of rejection, more unsure of what that means. Noah had it right though, love can never be measured and we should always say it in a way that brings a smile because you never know when it will be the last time you utter those words.

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