March 2014 – Saw/Ate/Read

March was full on photography in my neck of the woods. With lighter days and brighter colors out and about I shot a series of ‘Spring in London’ shots which I’m still working my way through as well as getting to more locations in the next week or so.

And then of course, the last week there was Belgium and Holland. So much to see and do and photograph for you all to see.

I can’t quite believe that 1) It’s April!?!!! and 2) I left New Zealand almost a year ago. Where were you a year ago? And more importantly, how is life now than it was then?

Many of the photos today will be snippets of posts to come throughout April on the locations I’ve had the luck of visiting in those European countries. Here are the 31 days in photos:



Tulip Gardens, Keukenhof, Holland/Astonished statue, Bruge, Belgium/Geese on trees, London/Dinner night/First bare legs of the year


Julia on the A in Amsterdam/Apple Pie/Nina in spring sun/Lone girl at sunset, Scheveningen, Holland/Pilar and her elderflower cordial/Salmon toasts


Nina’s lush apartment/Reflections, Oostend, Belgium

The only food related picture is from one of the few times Pilar and I went out this month, somehow we ended up spending a lot of time together before I flitted off on more adventures, as did she. We enjoyed dinner and the Elvis shake at Breakfast club and afternoon brunch at Granger & Co where I devoured those salmon toasts. A Friday lunch treat was from Benugo in the form of their Parisian sandwich which makes me weak at the knees.

TED talk of the month is from Noah Wilson-Rich who discusses the need for every city to have Healthy Honey Bees, they are a vital part of our food cycle and are dying out at a high rate we need to pay attention to. This talk is funny, sweet and Noah is so passionate you’ll want your own honey bees in your yard by the end of it.

There was a lot of egg recipes this month with Egg Week, and seemingly fitting them into my lunch, dinner and wherever else I could, the recipe that stood out was Eggs Benedict for it’s sheer ease to create and impression it leaves on anyone who enjoys this brunch staple.

My Darling Lemon Thyme had me salivating with this Pumpkin and Quinoa salad which looks amazing and I’m sure tastes just as great!

Blog love this month goes to the ever talented Victoria from A Subtle Revelry with her Watermelon Cake. Can it just be hot summer now where this is eaten everyday?

Trying to find more ways to take care of my outside naturally this list of simple home ingredients shows how versatile five basic ingredients can be for your beauty with 11 Beauty Products you can make Using Five Ingredients.

Citrus had my full attention this month as my tastebuds craved the zing of lemon and oranges and this list of 18 Times a Little Lime Went A Long Way had me wanting to give at least a handful of these a go.

Spring is here so it’s time to start eating like it with these On-the-go Lunches full of bright flavors.

The travel article this month comes from Travel and Leisure which had expert’s weigh in on the best Hotel Strategies.

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