March 2020

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Well the year of March is over and what a memorable one it truly was, not in that great kind of memorable way either unfortunately. Our last fun evening out in London was spent doing two things, going out for dinner and then drinks with Mr Brooks uncle and aunt who had planned their visit from out of town a couple months prior.

We knew it was probably the last time for a while because everywhere was so much quieter than usual and we had already been choosing to stay at home most of the time, that was the middle of the month and yet felt incredibly late for the government to have made no declarations to stay at home. We were surprised they chose to visit, but at the same time, it’s such a rare event for them to visit London we still chose to go

The next fourteen days were spent indoors, battling with websites to get food delivery and coming into what is now routine to get up, get ready and then work from the kitchen table and so this will be a slightly different review. I would love to know what you’re doing/reading/learning???

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Obsessed with:

Staying at Home!

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Courtesy of Instagram


Due to the times, I’ve taken up trying to finish some craft projects instead of reading my book so would love to hear what you are reading?


Ugly Betty! Rewatching good TV shows is a comfort and so the silliness and happiness of Betty just makes things better.

Ugly Betty intertitle

Courtesy of Wikipedia

Social Media Love:

This month’s Social Media love goes to Sophia from Kiln and Kitchen. She makes comforting food that will have you salivating and she is even featured in Five Questions tomorrow.

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Eating at:

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A repeat of a place I’ve been before and shared here, but this time got the rice and wow what a dish! Getting to introduce people to Flesh and Buns is one of my favorite things and it truly never disappoints. I cannot wait to return here once all this has blown over.

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Honestly put, we didn’t eat at B&H Garden Room, but this is probably one of the best places in London for a drink, plus the vibe here does not disappoint and we will absolutely be back again when we can all get out safely again.

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We ordered delivery from Well Kneaded who are an incredibly classy business as well as doing pizza that is well put, stinkin tasty and probably one of the best garlic breads around. At times like this, for those of us lucky to have jobs, support places where possible that stand by the values you have and this is absolutely one of them.

Eggless and Flourless recipes:

So it seems appropriate that usually this is the seasonal section where we enjoy seasonal dishes and some baking, but current events dictate that life is kinda different and some don’t have any flour in the house and eggs are being used to feed us in meals and not baking so here are three such recipes that are treats, but also require no flour or eggs.

These Peanut Chocolate Bars are like making a large oblong peanut butter cup and having pieces in the fridge to snack on. Bonus, they have ground linseed, sunflower and almond strewn through and are wrapped in dark chocolate so aren’t actually unhealthy.

Juice, sugar and corn starch (with a dashing of ground cinnamon on top) make it easy to recreate Atol de Naranja in your own kitchen. You can pretend you’re in Costa Rica enjoying the warm weather on a beach while eating it if you wish. If you have a bunch of oranges lying around then even better, cause this tastes best with fresh juice.

Another bar recipe that doesn’t need an ounce of flour or eggs, but does require almond meal and a decent amount of butter are Nanaimo Bars. These bars are a classic in Canada for a reason and this makes a decent batch of 25 bars, but don’t think they will last long because they’re insanely addictive.


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