November 2015 – Saw/Ate/Read


I don’t remember much about November other then gray every shortening days. Honestly, it seemed like every time I looked out the window it was heavy with gray clouds that seemed always on the cusp of rain. How was your November? Thanksgiving celebrations? Any adventures had?

It wasn’t an overly interesting month here at Roamingtaste, other then visiting an art exhibition and spending a couple of quiet evenings and weekends in London. I missed my train to escape to another piece of England by only a few minutes so stayed mostly indoors from the icy rain.

Here is my November:


A glistening sunrise before gray skies/Ai Weiwei’s straight



Cloudy sunset over Notting Hill/Another Ai Weiwei piece



End of Mews/Bicycle chandelier by Ai Weiwei


IMG 7567

Piccadilly magic/Father and son connected

IMG 7496


Church rainbows/Kerbisher and Malt plate

A place I tried for some fish and chips like home was Kerbisher and Malt, a great place to have good seaside food in several London locations.

Recipe of the month goes to this gluten free Cauliflower Pizza which is delicious, regardless of whether you like cauliflower or not, the magic is in the toppings.

Blog love goes to Brooklyn Supper and her ability to make me want my waffle maker in New Zealand for a month of waffle craziness and these Mashed Potato and Chive Waffles would be high on the list.

The Swirling Spoon had me swooning with these Chocolate Espresso Brownies this month. It’s on my list to make these to get me through the winter.

Food52 tried and succeeded in dehydrating fruit in the microwave and here’s how you can do it too.

A very interesting article on the history of sugar was found and it is worth a read on how much it changed the world with the harvest of this sweet stuff we have all become addicted to.

If the notion of not feeling the warmth of the sun for a fair few months is too much, Traveler magazine has a list of the best winter sun destinations.

A read on tourism to the Middle East and whether it will ever recover from its current state was an interesting read as there are countries within this zone that are still safe for foreigners.

Two prints worth checking out this month are on the topic of apples. It seems appropriate when I went to the Steve Jobs movie, ate and drank my way through some recipes with apples so here is a great slice of American pie which includes apples and a beautiful print of the Big Apple which would be a great unique gift for someone who loves New York.

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