November 2019

Overall November was two things in our house, full on with recipe testing when not working and caring for a husband with bronchitis and not getting much sleep whilst working full time.

There were no new posts despite my recipe testing because they just weren’t quite right so back to the drawing board it is. Meanwhile, here are some highlights of the month, lots of bright autumn colors, a bonfire night cocktail class (where we basically got to drink five cocktails while watching fireworks across London) and a couple of lovely dinners.

Obsessed with:

Mulled wine season is upon us and it’s so incredibly easy to make that once you’ve got a bottle of this warmed through, you’ll want to make more to get you through the rest of winter.

ReadingListening to:

Courtesy of ZM

If you ever wanted insight into New Zealand culture, the most popular radio breakfast trio in the country is a good place to start. Fletch, Vaughan and Megan don’t take themselves too seriously and I’ve been a fan since there was just a duo and they have helped through some dark times. They provide a lot of laughs and are a great way to get through a work day (if you’re allowed to listen to headphones).


Courtesy IMDB

The Crown returned this month with it’s much anticipated third season was one I binged almost immediately…it’s taught me to appreciate the Queen in a way that wasn’t understandable prior to this show.

Social Media Love:

We make so many connections on social media these days and this month’s share is one I should have done a while ago. Quite frankly, this account is one I simply stumbled on and then knew I had to commission an artwork for some friends watercolor artist Jasper known as yiuwinart on Instagram.

It was a breeze to work with her and see a photo come to life in the way it did. Images above reflect how incredibly detailed and talented Jasper is. She is definitely worth a follow and if you’re thinking about having a watercolor in your home, she can probably do that too.

Eating at:

If you go through the archives back enough on this blog you’ll find a reference to this comforting Dip and Flip restaurant which is the absolute best place to go when it’s cold outside…and sure enough it certainly was for the Sriracha Patty Melt.

Another revisit was had this month in introducing Mr Brooks to Flesh and Buns who still has food so good you know halfway through the first mouthful that you have to go back to share more bao buns. It stayed in my mind for a reason and did not disappoint after a few years away.


The season of staying in and having people over has begun and this side dish of roasted green beans and sundried tomatoes doesn’t look like much, but trust me…the amount of times it’s been made in my home and then half consumed within five minutes of coming out of the oven cannot be counted…it’s incredibly addictive.

Fall comes to an end and with that most apples have had their time in the kitchen, but if you have a few lurking around, this German sunken apple cake is best served with pouring cream and tuck in.

Pistachio shortbread seems like a lovely flavor all on it’s own, but paired with black sesame filling these sandwich cookies are pretty darn good.

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