September 2019

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September went by in a flash thanks to a full time internship I’ve obtained until Christmas which meant fewer hours in the kitchen and more hours traveling to work. London has a way of sucking up time and it sure does these days with the working hours (six is the new five and I don’t love it!).

Anyway, in between long days there was quiet weekends where we are slowly creating our routines, seeing local sights and enjoying some local dining.

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Obsessed with:

Broma Bakery – I recently finished the Restaurant Photography School and can honestly say this was the most worthwhile investment I’ve made in my photography since starting this blog. From her recipes to the free resources to Foodtography School…if you don’t know Sarah Fennel…you should!


After reading a book while on summer vacation, an attempt is now being made to read another book and so far I’m not far into a recently republished book ‘The Solace of Open Spaces’. There is something magnetic about leaving everyone and everything one has in a period of mourning and rediscovering what it means to be alive.

Image and reprint courtesy of Daunt Books

Viewing Listening to:

Source Gimlet Media

Podcast’s are one of the touchstone’s in the cultural world right now. Every single dinner party I’ve been to in the past year, there has been a point in the night where podcasts have come up and this month (last week in fact), saw the return of one of my favorite podcasts.

Heavyweight is about regular people who are trying to close off a piece of their past and hosted by a dry witted Jonathan Goldstein bringing both the laughs and the central theme to the show…but really it’s the characters and their reasons for stepping into their past that is both bittersweet and memorable.

Any podcast recommendations are welcome please?

Social Media Love:

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Gourmet Traveller, like many great Insta feeds originates with a magazine, though this one is located in Australia. A country mixed with many cultures and in a place on earth that situates it on one side of the pacific and on the other side has the Indian Ocean hugging it.

Gourmet Traveller has a way of getting into your bones with their incredible photography, easy to follow recipes (their Chana Dhal with Roti is such an easy recipe I cannot recommend it enough) and Insta feed that will make you wish you’d found it earlier.

Eating at:

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Beany Green had me at their Banana bread a few years ago…now they have a Banana Bread sandwich on their menu and breakfast pre-work was a necessity one Friday this month. Go for their food…stay for their atmosphere.

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Well Kneaded was one of those places I found on Instagram (a helpful resource when not just aimlessly scrolling) and when it was time for me to plan date night…we made a trip to an area of London we hadn’t been just to eat here. The service was lovely, the pizza was great and the garlic bread was probably the best I’ve ever had at a pizza joint…no jokes.

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Duck & Waffle is one of those special occasion places…but it’s open twenty four hours so the choice of menus and what works is kinda perfect…which made us get up very early for a special anniversary and eat breakfast while the sun rose over a cloudy Sunday in early September. Go for the sweet or savory, stay for the views. This place is one of those must-visit spots in London.


Mollettes – Mexican Bean Sandwich doesn’t necessarily sound like the most satisfying sandwich you’ll eat, but one would be surprised at how mashed beans, fresh salsa and melty cheese can make a full meal.

With the last summery dishes being devored before they are removed for a few months…Banoffee Pie feels like a summer dish. It might be because no baking is required and slices of banana are topped with clouds of cream…it feels like the type of dish you’d take to a friends relaxing dinner where you sit outside long after the sun has set and chat. Yes, it’s most definitely the last time in the season to enjoy this.

As the days get shorter and the air temperature drops a dish like Potato Skins with Sriracha Beef and Green Sauce is something the soul desires (if you are a meat eater (or minimal meat eater like me)) and this is a dish that once it was placed in front of hungry friends…they begged for again and again.

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