Utah, Colorado & New Mexico


This month has involved a lot of traveling, particularly in the last week.

After three days in Arizona I spent the next three-and-a half-days in Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. I was ironically on my way to Albuquerque, New Mexico when I heard about the tragic happenings in Boston which of course made me stop and feel utter heartache for the people involved

The lives affected for an eternity because of an individual or group that want to cause harm on what is the most important and proud day in Boston’s calender.

Due to this, my arrival in Albuquerque was a little somber, staying with some locals meant we could converse over our heartache and soon I was making the most of my time there also.

Monument Valley, Utah

My first taste of Utah involved Monument Valley and looked as red as the southern state of Arizona. There were many stops on the side of the road and a visitor center for those wanting to really take in as much as possible from this beautiful part of the central country.

Mexican Hat/Views from Highway 261N/Natural Bridges/Bent over Tree

My time in Utah was short but I made a detour to visit the Natural Bridges National Monument which one could easily spend a day walking around to each natural bridge. I next drove on to Monticello and early the next morning drove on to Colorado.

Natural Bridges scenery

My stay in Colorado was simply a morning, but it was enough to want to make me come back to this part of the country with the mountains carved out of rock and sandstone, it’s clearly a state that has a lot to offer for lovers of nature.

Natural Bridges Bridge/Utah pond/Colorado morning Sun/Country Barn

Durango, Colorado was the location I headed to, a small town at the bottom of the rocky mountains which still had a crisp coldness in the air on my arrival, although it thankfully did not snow.

The grey day meant I couldn’t capture too many beautiful pictures, but the scenery speaks for itself.

Next the road led me to Albuquerque, New Mexico and back to warmth and more desert after my Colorado green break.

Old Town Church, Blue Bordered Display, Town Lynching Tree, Local Store

It’s a city that feels too large for the desert in which it sits, however, the history is varied and worth getting to see and know. I took a short tour of Old Town thanks to my couchsurfing host who himself is a tourguide on the weekends. It was informative and involved some tragic and wonderful stories of the many inhabitants that have called this city home.

Chillies Drying, Albuquerque/New Mexican Desert/Roadside Barriers/Snowcapped Mountains

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