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Happy Sunday friends, I hope you are staying indoors and today is spent doing something you are enjoying, whether getting back into an old hobby or learning something new. For this month’s Five Questions we have the privilege of interviewing Sophia from the beauiful blog, Kiln and Kitchen.

Having had the luck to follow her on Instagram for a wee while, her photos are beautiful and her recipes comforting so it was an easy task to reach out to for this feature. Her answer for question three should inspire any new cook and her original recipe shared below looks incredibly simple and satisfying.

Sophia and I share a love of butter, so thanks to her for taking the time to do this and looking forward to what other yummy things you make in the future.

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1. What was the first meal you learned and mastered to make for others?
The first meal I learned to master was probably garlic rice. Growing up half asian, rice was a staple in our meals. I remember that feeling of panic when I heard my mom pull into the garage and I realize I hadn’t started the rice cooker. My mom always wanted fresh rice with dinner, which means we had tons of leftover rice all the time. Rather than throwing it out, she taught me how to make garlic rice, which is a typical Filipino breakfast. It’s basically just day day old rice, butter, and lots of garlic. So easy and so, so delicious.

2. If someone feels cooking is way too difficult, what is one tip you would give them to give it a go?
My big tip for first time cooks is to make food you actually want to eat. Don’t challenge yourself to make fancy recipes if you know you don’t like half the stuff on the ingredient list. Start simple. You’lI get there eventually. I started by asking myself easy questions: How can I make mac and cheese a bit more cheesy? What spices should I use to jazz up this canned tomato soup?

Once you learn how to customize foods you already know, it’ll be much easier to develop your own recipes from scratch.


3. What recipe have you found is always a winner to make for guests?
Lumpia! It’s basically a Filipino spring roll stuffed with ground meat, carrots, and onions, then deep fried to crispy, golden perfection. Most people have never had it before, but it’s ALWAYS a crowd pleaser.


4. Have you had any adventures that have led you to eat or discover foods you didn’t previously know?
My friends and I went to Cuba a couple years ago and stayed at this gorgeous Airbnb hosted by a wonderful Cuban grandmother. She made us breakfast one morning — a full spread of traditional cuban foods like pan tostado, maduros, cafe con leche, and fresh squeezed mango juice. I dream about that breakfast all the time.


5. If you could have an endless supply of three ingredients on a deserted island, what would they be?
Pasta, butter, and parmesan. Is there any better combination? I don’t think so.

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