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For those who are new to this little blog, thanks for stopping by and for those who have visited over the last few years, thanks so much for your support. I hope you’ve had the courage to try one thing on here and it made you smile. Today is my four hundredth post and I thought it’s about time I take a little step back from the kitchen and tell you a little about myself and some of the things I’ve learned over the past almost four years.

To be a cook and baker does not take innate talent or a vast array of fancy ingredients. No, it’s all about patience and perseverance and sometimes being a little afraid of what you are actually doing. Of facing failure and giving it another go because it’s just food and no one is defined by a failed dish in their home kitchen.



So anyway, I am Sylvie, better known as Roamingtaste on all other platforms where I do share the latest recipes posted on here and many pictures of the world I am always trying to see more of. If you love Instagram then we will have at least one thing to talk about beyond food, let’s face it, Instagraming brunch is a fun thing to do!

I love to travel and have never said this on this site before, but I am trying to get to thirty countries by thirty. Saying things that result in expectations is one of my least favorite things. No expectations means you can only ever go up and impress people, but yes, I am led to countries beyond my own borders for that goal while trying to stay true to me. Renting a car and seeing how many countries I can tick off in a week is not my thing.



Barcelona, Spain/Iceland/Istanbul, Turkey

If all we have in this life is our integrity then that’s what I want to look back on. The same applies with my goal of thirty American States by thirty and seeing one hundred live bands by thirty. There is a theme here and I may implode on the day of entering that third decade, but that’s a little over a year away so that is future Sylvie’s problem.

Behind the scenes of this blog, I spend several hours per week updating this wee site, scouring the internet for what I should be cooking on the weekends to share the following week. Planning sometimes months ahead what dishes I will make and editing my calendar for the planned recipes which I take the kitchen over creating, all while trying to see friends, live life and planning a trip somewhere. I am always planning a trip somewhere.

Photo Jan 18, 7 04 12


I have been planning next summer since last summer, that will be two years of planning or mostly dreaming of how I will spend my last summer in what has been the best decade of my life. I truly believe you have to be free in your twenties and while I understand some people associate that with marriage and family and this makes them happy, there is a need to get out and just be young and free and make stupid social mistakes that will be etched into your stories in years to come. No matter if you have a partner in crime by your side or not, it’s essential to be fully present in your life because time flies whether you’re having fun or not.

Looking back over three hundred recipes, some of which I have had to remake to photograph and improve on because I was winging my way through that first year with little know how on how to actually deal with a blog. I’ve come to quite a collection of recipes that aren’t from some foreign land, but rather marked under Inspired here. They are my little pieces of original and however long I’m with this blog, there they will be for people to find long after these words are posted.




What you don’t see is that I am always wearing a dress, I probably own twenty though can never find one for the mood I’m on on any given day and I will wear dresses no matter where I am. Yes, I gave up jeans and sweaters on my third day in Iceland because I just wasn’t comfortable. Turkey, you bet there were dresses My ultimate day of clothes would be my pajama pants which I only buy with pockets, a singlet and eating homemade brunch while cowering one of my hands in my pockets ever so coolly and the rest of the day with a camera in hand, out and about in a dress.



Definitely wearing dresses in both these pictures

Of all the baking I do, I really cannot say a single bad thing about bundt cakes. Layered cakes are not my thing, I don’t have the education behind me to be fully talented in crafting towering cakes with layers of whipped buttercream between them and whilst there is a couple of layered cakes on this blog, the best tasting cakes are the bundt’s. They never fail me and whilst it can sometimes be a tough break to get them out of the tin, they are a standout with their uniqueness. Not once have I had to give another bundt a go, maybe if you aren’t a baker try your hand at a bundt. Maybe the pans are magic or something because they’re never dry and crumbly either.

So now you know, I love making bundt cakes while wearing dresses and simultaneously planning my next adventure. We’re a lot alike and if you stick around I’d love to hear what you love to make and join in my weekly conversations. I’d love for you to tell me your views on the subjects mentioned here and I would love to see what you make from this little blog. I’d love for you to join in to what this little piece of the internet is about, wide eyes of wonder at the world and a smile full of food.

Thanks for visiting and have a great Friday friends.


This is how I feel to four hundred posts

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