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I hope today involves a sleep in because it’s cold out and lets face it, Sunday is always better when you have no alarm. Today’s conversation is about art. More specifically about how creative people don’t feel and how it is something that is all around us. I’m not sure if you consider yourself creative? If not, why would you say so?

I’m not sure if you happened to hear or see the latest Shia La Beouf art piece called #allmymovies. The actor sat in a movie theater for 72 hours and watched 27 of his movies back to back in reverse order. A small camera was on him and anyone could go to the website and watch him watch his movies.

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Almost anyone who heard of this or was tweeting about this before the event made snide comments about how interesting it seemed to be. Yet, once it began, each and every person could only remark how great it was. This silent video running of this actor who many people my age kind of grew up with go through the valley of emotions of his movies.

As the last movie drew ever closer, I along with many others felt sad that it had to end. It was art, the silence of watching him joined a multitude of people together, in the theater and around the world online. That is the beauty of art, it isn’t something anyone can shrug off as not being able to do.

Famous faces


Art gallery/Sun Studios, Memphis, USA

Truly, there is no such thing as someone without an artistic bone, because we all are capable in different ways. Whether we sing, paint, draw or do all three. It’s about making time for those internal outlets that becomes a less important thing the older we get. We go from doing art classes in school to reading Buzzfeed for too many hours a week.



Wilmington, North Carolina/New York, USA

I was born into an artistic family, I know this because I was made blatantly aware of this at a very young age. I heard the words “she’s very good with her hands.” Like it was some destiny of mine to end up going down that path. Except I didn’t like that notion, I would draw and paint and dance but ignore those calls to any future in this avenue.



Phuket, Thailand/Vancouver, Canada

It wasn’t until my mother bought my brother and I each a disposable camera that I had any real passion for those things. Suddenly the world felt different though and I cared about what I was doing with my hands. Because of my background, I’ve had many conversations with people throughout my life regarding art and so many have blatantly, nonchalantly shrugged that it’s not something they have an ability in so they have no interest. Trying to convince people that this isn’t true when someone has convinced themselves of this is really difficult so you eventually take the conversation in another direction.


The Four Colors

Glittered Dandelion

Ko Pei Pei, Thailand/My artworks

But there is something to be said for trying something new and being challenged and seeing that you can in fact create something. Whether thats taking painting lessons or pottery classes or even learning how to decorate cakes, because yes, when you create something it is art. It doesn’t have to be painted or last a lifetime, but art is everywhere and we can all have a part in creating it.



Cake samples, Vancouver, Canada/Heartbeat, London

That was one of the things Shia and his artistic partners commented on in reflection of this project. They are right. No teacher or critic can define you and your abilities, only you can by how much you try. I’d love to hear what your artistic endeavors are or what you would love to learn to do? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

Sweet Comment in Suburbia

Savannah, Georgia

Have a great day.

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