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A close longtime friend of mine recently set off on her first proper adventure, with her husband in tow for six months to a variety of different countries and she has quickly discovered some fundamental truths that those of us who have gallivanted around the globe know from experience.

In this world of constant social media and never-ending array of social media images of perfect people living perfect lives on a variety of different platforms, the expectation that life on the road is grand 90% of the time and difficult only 10% of the time is something most people setting off on their first overseas adventure would have.

So here I am thousands of miles away and driving her husbands car who I have aptly named Franz for his old grumpy soul; constantly responding to her messages with an awareness of every little thing she is experiencing. Some things you yourself may not be aware of before you set off on your own adventure so here are some harsh truths…and why it’s still all worth it.


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So fall is here and everywhere we look are apple and pumpkin recipes…but there are a few alternatives that might shake up your baking endeavors this season by looking to Europe for some inspiration.

If you close your eyes you might be able to imagine yourself on a cobble stoned street with locals uttering foreign language and you have just sat down to have one of their local specialties.


While apples are en vogue, how about this German Sunken Apple cake, it’s actually not a task to get this look and the vanilla flavor of the cake allows the sweet apples on top to shine. If you have guests, this might impress them when you pull it out for a slice and you’ll know it’s pretty simple to whip up.

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Landing back on ones feet can be a daunting prospect when the steps to doing so seem like a huge task. Breaking down our movement into each carefully planned step such as place your left foot on the ground. Place your right foot beside your left foot on the ground. Use force to push yourself upright. And telling yourself all that when you don’t even have the energy to put one foot there in the first place or whether you’re unsure you’ll even have the ability to put your strength into the upright position can make starting over a task that is filled with an endless array of question marks.

Unfortunately and maybe fortunately, life is an endless chain of changes and we have to keep moving forward because even when we aren’t sure of the answers, just doing something, anything leads somewhere. The past month has been a rather difficult task of starting over in a place where life doesn’t feel to change that much.



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Okay, so that’s a wrap folks. Summer is over and we all have to go back to the real world. Or at lest that’s what life would tell us and for me, my summer came to a halt with my landing back in New Zealand a few weeks ago to a winter still comfy in it’s layers.

One day I’m getting sunburned watching lifeguards compete in Hermosa Beach and the next I’m layering up and shivering in bed. Life can be rough. Now that schools back and office meetings are in full swing, how was your summer? Did you do something memorable? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.


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I’ve been on a job hunt for the past three weeks and to be fair it’s a rather dull existence to have no car and very little money so I’ve instead used my time to go through the past decade of photos and select some into books on Artifact Uprising.

Putting one’s selection of thousands of images, thousands of moments isn’t something we do often in this digital world. It is so rare that I don’t even make albums of my adventures on FaceBook any more. Who has the time? I know that with everything going on in my life, I most certainly don’t.

But, a decade of moments and countries feels like something to reflect back on and hold something with more weight than the memories swirling in my mind. Apart of those memories is how many packets of Trader Joes dried mango I consumed this summer. Literally, I would walk five miles just to get my hands on a packet (and I’m sure I did this on at least one occasion), there were a few times of over consumption though there was no regret, even with my stomach twisting itself.


Mango_and_Gin Jelly_with_Blueberry_Cream

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Good Sunday morning to you!

How has your weekend been? Lazy, relaxing and comfortable I hope. Mine has been and it’s likely I’ll be lounging in my pajamas looking over photos I’ve collected from my twenties for the next few hours. Before that though, lets get comfortable for another set of Five Questions, which is a feature I really love doing because it lets me connect with other bloggers, foodies and travelers and I’m only wanting to expand this as time goes on.

Today’s interview is with Victoria Haschka from Eatori. Victoria is a blogger, writer, cook, traveler, wife, mother and interesting soul who resides in Sydney, but has seen a fair amount of sights and I was immediately drawn to her. She has a similar name as my best friend and a charming book cover I stumbled upon in my favorite book store in London. So I emailed her and she was ever so kind to answer some questions, including links below which should inspire you on this Sunday.

1. What attracted you to cooking?
I love nothing more than having a boisterous group of friends gathered around a table. I also fell in love with my husband (who I’ve always referred to as The Hungry One) thirteen years ago, when we were just twenty one. We didn’t have that much in common, except for we both loved food. Sourcing great places to eat and cooking together has become one of the great threads of joy in our life. (We may have taken it to a little bit of an extreme – before we had our nearly three year old son, we set ourselves a ‘Baby Bucket List‘ of all the places in the world we wanted to go and things we wanted to do before we settled down and we became three. It included eating at some of the best restaurants in the world, from Denmark, to Sao Paulo, to Modena and the Costa Brava. It’s hard not to be inspired when you’ve tasted food that also classifies as art.

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Photo Jul 09, 06 56 29

There’s something to be said about entering a restaurant, on your own when there isn’t another soul dining there. This was a lesson I learned in Brooklyn when I had a hankering for nachos and a google search led me to Taco Chulo, a place with an owner and bartender so easy to talk to that I easily spent an hour enjoying one of the best plates of nachos in my life and a wonderful cocktail in the early afternoon.

This experience really taught that sometimes we can be put off somewhere because of a lack of people and I’m like most in that I won’t step foot somewhere if there isn’t another soul. On that day though, I was starving and my want for nachos outweighed the idea of going into a restaurant without other patrons and it paid off.

Photo Jul 09, 06 55 37

Photo Jul 09, 06 56 31

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July, you sweet nauseatingly hot month, thank you for existing. Still a lone wanderer, July was spent in the hot heat of Mississippi, a sticky night in New Orleans that was suffocating and the remaining month in New York City which also at times felt like it was too much. So tell me, how was your July? What adventures did you get up to? Do you have stories to share in the comments below?



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Happy Friday from New York City.

How are you lovely people doing? How is life? I’ve been out of action mostly for two reasons the past nine weeks: firstly, I’m traveling around the States and, secondly, I’ve been doing an online course in HTML and CSS aka web design. Have you ever signed on to learn something new and then felt like you are well above your head?

I can’t quite vocalize how little faith I had in my brain to learn this stuff and implement it, but somehow some things have stuck and I can speak the basic language of coding. I finished high school over a decade ago and while I have studied since then, I never went to university so being this immersed in something as tough as this course was terrifying. I’d love to hear how if you have done a part-time course or immersed yourself fully into learning a new trade? What tips would you give to someone thinking of doing this? My tip is that no matter how terrifying it may seem, you’ll do great as long as you don’t let your inadequacy get you down and just keep on.

Summer_Cherry Cake_with_Maple_Frosting


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2016-06-09 11.14.33-3

Typing the words June into this post felt surreal because the travels I’ve been on this past month were planted in a small seed two years ago and here I am in my last summer of my twenties hanging out with some of the most important people in my life. So how was your June? Please share the good, bad and ugly of your month in the comments below.

June was a whirlwind of Los Angeles for the first visit in three years, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and lastly Austin. There was a lot to see, do and at times eat so here are my photos of the month:

2016-06-06 15.51.53-2

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Summer has a way evoking the child in all of us and nowhere was this more obvious than on Sunday at Barton Springs where people did handstands and blew up floaters to enjoy in the pool. As my friends and I laid in the shade I noted how joyful this place was and how rare it is to see in cities.

This seems ironic considering a good friend of mine turned thirty yesterday and my youth feels a thousand miles from where I am currently standing. The conversation with James hours into his last day in his twenties had him freaking out that he would never be twenty something again and there is a weight to that. Being in your twenties is a time to make concrete decisions for yourself and your future, that is a first so the vast majority of people and there is a freedom to being free from anyone else’s decisions for the first time.



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Seeing an old friend can sometimes be daunting…who knows if you’ll still be friends with the time and distance spent apart? The last week was one of those times where we had not seen or spoken with each other in three years and yet life is normal and so we are still friends.

We all have long distance friends and it’s not hard to stay in touch with the various social media, though the simple task of asking “how are you?” isn’t said as much so people are expected to share how life is. This is the way social media has shaped us, some people share every piece of their lives and others very little, yet we have become so accustomed to this oversharing that we can sometimes forget to ask how people are doing.

So how are you doing? And do you like double chocolate combinations with fruit? Cause that is what is being served up today here. I made this meringue three times in the hopes it would stay high and not sink and each time it sunk I was a little disappointed, yet this last three days with the cream and fruit on top serving me breakfast for a few days. I have no shame in admitting I had this dessert for breakfast.


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Saturday the ninth of April was the first day of my current transient life and whilst I don’t have a trust fund to fall back on and though I shared a room my last two months in London to save money, I definitely don’t have as much as I planned having (current study took some of that money).

Whilst this is the honest truth, it’s still been two months of travel, a life some look at from afar and feel jealous of. This especially seems interesting considering I didn’t make a ton of money in the last few years and had several months each year where I didn’t work…so how am I doing this?


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