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Another month is over and that means two thirds of the twenty fifteen is done.!

August was full of inspiration in the form of the many people I met on my travels. Somehow this was a further fulfilling trip in the sense of meeting people who want to help me on my way with my long term goals. Now only to move ahead with those plans and make good on the offers during my next trip to North America.

It was a hot month with lots of sunshine in my parts of the globe and I hope your August was filled with lots of time with friends and family over food in the warm summer evenings. Here was my month:


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IMG_0051It’s the last long weekend before Christmas and while that feels like a really long time away, we are almost down to the last quarter of the year already. How do you feel about the end of summer? The expectation of spring and summer and all that travel feels like a distant memory, maybe even another year ago because through the thick clouds London is telling all of us that ‘winter is coming.’

Before the rain set in, a friend and I managed to make it to the nicest seaside I’ve yet visited in England. The almost clear skies and hot sun only lasted briefly, but it was the nicest way for us to enjoy the last summer holiday. Our long train journey to Margate allowed for catching up over snacks and the excitement of going somewhere new, even just for a few hours. Something we have decided we must do more often.


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Meeting a friend who has journaled every day for the past decade served as a reminder last summer that I needed to get back to my journal. This unassuming book I have carried around with me since I was fourteen was the backbone, and sometimes only friend I could honestly confide in during those awkward teenage years.

Somehow though, in the past few years with the vast majority of my writing being here to an unknown audience. I’ve just lacked time, so one of my goals for this year was to write more in this little worn book whose blank pages have dwindled down to but a few and the beginning of the year began better and somehow has fizzled out again.

Each night when I put my laptop away or on those nights where I come in and collapse from a long day I see that book nestled among my things and am reminded that there are so many more things to say and my goal of writing more has become a need to fulfil. Somehow pen to paper still hasn’t happened in the past month despite best intentions. Maybe it will happen this week. Maybe I’ll make time for writing and not typing. Just maybe.


Sometimes, despite best efforts, things don’t quite go to plan in the kitchen. This is the first foreign recipe this month and it’s been a bit of a rough road of late with each new recipe I’ve attempted. Bringing foreign recipes to your kitchen is what this blog is mostly about (the tangents are fun right?).

So there have been a few mishaps and with so little time it seems a foreign recipe hasn’t been posted in a while, until today. And today we’re visiting Spain with this recipe literally translated as fried milk, it seems a better translation is milk fritters. Doused in sugar and cinnamon these are light and I made them gluten free (as this is the lightest flour I had) on hand).

Leche Frita – Spanish Fried Milk
Adapted from Spain Recipes
Serves 4

795ml milk
1 cinnamon stick
1/3 cup sugar
3 tablespoons corn flour
1 egg
3 tablespoons light flour
1/2 cup olive oil
Ground cinnamon and sugar to coat

Brush the inside of a loaf tin with sunflower oil and set aside.

Set aside 1/2 cup of the milk.

Pour the remaining milk into a large pan and add the cinnamon stick, cooking uncovered, on high heat for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, combine the corn flour, sugar and 1/2 cup milk until a smooth paste has formed.

Remove the cinnamon stick from the hot milk and stir in the paste, stirring over low heat for 10 minutes or until very thick.

Pour into the greased tin and allow to cool fully.

Once cooled, carefully remove and slice into 2 inch slices and halve if your loaf is as large as mine was.

Pour enough olive oil to coat the bottom of your frying pan thickly and turn on medium high heat.

Carefully dip a slice into the egg and then into the flour and cook in the olive oil until golden, approximately 1 minute on either side.

Remove and drain before dipping into the cinnamon and sugar.

Place on a plate and continue with the remaining slices.

These are best served cold.



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Photo Apr 04, 22 21 02

The humble bar is one of the easiest things to whip up and impress even without much baking skill. For those people who may be intimidated by the baking aisle, fear not, some of these have been called the ‘best thing’ my friends have eaten to a little gift to give away without the precarious fear of dropping like a slice of cake.

Today, the weekends inspiration for your kitchen comes in the form of bars, fruity bars, chocolatey bars and one sickly addictive bar we can thank a town in British Columbia for. Yes, bars are great to share with others or simply an addition to the snack bar.

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In this always online world it can be hard to pull oneself away. In fact, having no internet connection feels like suffocation or like suddenly you are not fully alive and breathing like the rest of society. Somehow though, our house continues to go on without wifi which we won’t have for another week. How do people survive without it friends?

This also means my posts might be a bit sporadic over the coming week, but do not fear, there are lots of interesting and delicious recipes about to be posted once I get back into the kitchen properly since my trip this weekend. Yes, there is nothing like a trip and no wifi to recharge one’s batteries towards creativity.


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Most people do not even know how to breathe without inhaling their first cup of coffee and for a non drinker like myself, the initial reaction of most is to say “oh you’re a tea drinker”, with my usual response of no surprising them. Yet, here we are with another coffee recipe because it is a great flavor.

And sometimes an idea can come out of nowhere. Walking up the escalator towards works can make you think of what to have for dinner. Being stuck in traffic can make you think about chocolate and raspberries and waking up can make you think about coffee and blueberries.


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Friends, despite the repeated slatherings of sunscreen, I’ve managed to get a little sun glow (not very red) and all I did today was walk around the lakes of Minneapolis craving a milkshake in the heat of the sun. Whilst those cravings weren’t fulfilled, there is another delicious frozen treat to crave.

Yes, somehow I have a newly awakened weakness for semifreddo, a dessert I used to make a few summers back as a way to enjoy a few quiet moments in the warm dusky air before the day ended. Let’s be frank, this has definitely been the year of matcha, and sure, I have indulged as badly as some other bloggers, but until you’ve tasted this green powder you won’t understand the spell it’ll put you under.

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It had been about five years since I had last attended a festival, whilst this was never the plan somehow that is how it turned out. Walking through the crowds coming and going to the various stages for the last acts on Sunday, it was clear that festivals are something that should be sought out as often as one can go.

The hazy heat, crowds and constant standing are not crossing thoughts when singing along to a band that you love. Coming together for music has always been something I have loved, because music has been such an integral part of my life. The joy of music pulsing through veins and nothing but love for the beats, strums and pitches of notes cannot be explained. Needless to say, it was a grand weekend. I hope yours was likewise?


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Photo Jul 31, 19 40 02

So July is done and it went in grand fashion while I was returning from my first day of Lollapalooza. That night Paul McCartney performed for two hours in what has surely made both my parents jealous. This festival has been something I have wanted to attend for easily five years and this time I made it making the experience that much more surreal.

How was your July? Was it filled with warm memories of summer and lots of ice cream? The idea of August is also something that seems a little unreal as this month will bring further travel and being reunited with one of the most important people in my life, someone I’ve not seen since Dallas.

Here is my July:

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What are your favorite memories of summer? Are they the long hot nights? The endless eating of watermelon and ice cream?

I’ve been thinking a lot about summer in New Zealand, maybe it’s because the last memories I hold are from a very beautiful, warm and long summer before I departed it’s shores. Maybe it’s because it seems the best summers I’ve ever had have been on those shores. Gallivanting between beaches with sand between my toes and hair that smells like the salty sea long after it has dried.

Maybe it’s the memories of warm air and cicadas that buzz so loud you can hear them over closed windows and the radio up. The sunburn that comes quicker than you can reapply sunscreen and nights so warm you toss and turn before the slumber of sleep comes.


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Even the best intentions cannot be fulfilled unless you actually put in effort and this thought was something I contemplated as I watched the pink clouds drift overhead while waiting for the training last evening. How is it Wednesday already??? I cannot fathom and yet this is the first post all week.

The intention was lost on my otherwise distracted mind and a rather stressful couple of days in the office. Meanwhile, five minutes for myself and looking up the last pieces of my trip that I will be on in a week were spent over this crunchy packed salad.


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It’s a casual Sunday morning and I’m meant to be having brunch, though my filmmaker friend hasn’t yet responded and I’m feeling a little peckish. Lazy Sunday mornings should be scheduless and I know that isn’t a word, but it should exist in this hectic, always running late for something, I’ve spent too much time on Buzzfeed world.

I’ve not actually written about my visit to the fair land of Denmark yet and somehow I’ve trumped that article with breakfast. Rice pudding pancakes to be honest. Ummmm, the post will be coming in the near future, but for now, rice pudding and pancakes is a concept I had never thought nor considered as something to make and here one of the happiest countries on earth does it as though it’s nothing.


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Through the haze it is now Wednesday. You see my weekend was not abnormally long, though it felt that way when somehow two of us ended up supporting our friend through 6 hours in A&E which meant we walked out into the morning light at 5am on Saturday morning in a hallucination of needing sleep before ubering our way home to each of our beds.

I cannot even fathom how this week has passed by so quickly, maybe it was the long days of work wedged between plans with friends in the evenings and somehow it is now smack bang the middle of July. July!!!

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2015-03-15 05.26.06

Summer is the time of year where friends come around bearing food and hours are spent outdoors chatting in the warmth of the long hours over glorious dishes. Weekends are best enjoyed with friends over food and its the best season to enjoy the freedom of relaxed atmosphere and looser schedules.

It seems only appropriate beyond the usual salads and sausages that are cooking on the grill, that there are plenty of things to make ahead of the evening to avoid the stress of being hidden away in the kitchen with those last dishes to share around for guests. Making it easy to maximize the joy of having a shared feast with friends.

Drinks are always essential and this non alcoholic mixers from Brazil would quench people’s thirst and impress with the great flavor, yet they are incredibly quick to make. The Brazilian Limeade is great for a tang but sweetness that is better than a soda and would make a perfect base for adding spirits.


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