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Three very different pies have been on the blog this week and one is a definitive classic in it’s homeland. The second is unlikely to be found outside American borders and then there is Crack Pie. This isn’t an American classic and though it’s name denotes it has an illegal powder, it is a little remarkable how popular this is for those who try it, when such simple ingredients you’ll likely have all sitting in your kitchen are all within it’s crust.

Not long after I began the journey of this blog I discovered Momofuku and one of the first recipes I was introduced to from the ever talented Christina Tosi is Crack Pie, which lets be fair has a reputation that can only be compared to that cheesecake scene in Friends. You know, where it’s so good people will eat it off the floor outside their apartments because wasting this treasure would be a sin. Yes, crack pie is like that only a little different. It’s filling could be called a gooey butter filling, though it has a few other ingredients that make up this incredible flavor.


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I’m having one of those days where I’m not sure what to say here, and it seems even my fingers are struggling to type without multiple errors. Its gray out and I’ve woken up in the darkness with my alarm ringing in my ears to get up the last two days and really struggled to pull the covers off. ‘Just one more minute.’ I think. ‘Just one.’

Last night my roommate and I ventured out for a walk and did some crazy exercises in the park, with the streetlights guiding our jumping lunges and frogs until our legs hated us. Then we retreated home and I had a slice of Pecan Pie that I happen to still have some left over of. I would like to say it’s all in balance, though my attempt at healthy eating was quickly smashed yesterday with the endless treats that sit at the entrance to my desk space at work.

Temptation is all around. How I don’t give in constantly is something I’m still trying to learn. Your tips in avoiding the daily treats would be so appreciated?


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For Americans this Monday is the start of a short week, for the rest of us, its just another week. What I would give for a short week I cannot say. Somehow long weekends aren’t something the English government give out easily. To make it a little more bearable I made this Pecan Pie, something I’ve thought about making for a long time.

Pecan Pie is a cornerstone of Thanksgiving and the season of fall. It’s maple colors compliment the hues of  fallen leaves and gray skies overhead and its warm flavor helps alleviate the fact we now have to go outside with several layers on.

I’ve only had it once and that was on Thanksgiving day in 2007 when I was with Bobbie. Pecan’s are one of those nuts that are tough to buy because of the cost, but this is one of those dishes that must absolutely be tried at least once in life.


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I hope today involves a sleep in because it’s cold out and lets face it, Sunday is always better when you have no alarm. Today’s conversation is about art. More specifically about how creative people don’t feel and how it is something that is all around us. I’m not sure if you consider yourself creative? If not, why would you say so?

I’m not sure if you happened to hear or see the latest Shia La Beouf art piece called #allmymovies. The actor sat in a movie theater for 72 hours and watched 27 of his movies back to back in reverse order. A small camera was on him and anyone could go to the website and watch him watch his movies.

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The leaves are almost all on the ground now or have been swept away. The gray skies have made themselves comfortable. And somehow we’re over half way through fall which means apple season is passing far too quickly once again. Each time this season begins I have grand plans to make a bunch of apple recipes and yet weeks flit by with little care for intentions and I’m not much impressed with how little I’ve made again this year.

The history of Apple Butter was something I assumed had a lot to do with Amish people historically in America and I was kinda right, this article on the complete history of this dish is rather informative and full of humor. It’s worth a read. Though there is a fair amount more in context for how it came about in modern day to the recipe here.


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In a few weeks it will have been ten years since I graduated high school. It all feels a little surreal that a decade has passed since classes, assignments and friendship dramas that we thought we would leave behind. That notion of life suddenly being incredibly different because we no longer had a schedule of classes to attend was naive and yet we probably all believed it. I remember thinking I likely wouldn’t see some of the awful people I didn’t like running into ever again and for the most part that has been true (it’s hard when you live thousands of miles from your hometown).

We thought we would be different and our future would be too and it seems odd to think that I have done exactly what I had planned mostly for myself. Some friends had children (unplanned, though they adore them) and others are still studying for career plans to live their life with meaning. Others talked of grand adventures in foreign lands and they have barely left once. Some have lost loved ones and their strength and laughter make the world a brighter place.


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Hello friends, I hope you’ve had a great week and brunch is involved for some easy conversation.
I thought I would firstly explain how this new feature came about because I’m not really known for doing videos and these posts aren’t about food or travel exclusively. Basically, a few weeks ago I lay in bed, unable to fall to sleep because the scenes of Arizona were whirling through my head. This all may seem odd, especially as my last visit there was a few years ago, but these scenes were so compelling that I felt such a need to talk about my memories that I sat up and wrote down what I had to say right then and there.

Granted, Arizona is probably not on many people’s travel lists and I know most people when they plan their trip to America, its usually only to visit California or New York with a few destinations in between perhaps. Other then the Grand Canyon, most people don’t plan to see much more of this state that has charmed me the two times I have explored it’s sights. Have you been to there? Or do you have you any interest in visiting yourself?

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Becoming an adult means a lot of different things to a lot of different people and there’s so many ways for us to measure our own points of ‘officially’ becoming adults. Whether it be that we pick up discount items with a sense of pride or that we suddenly love gardening. Is there something you do now that you didn’t think you would as an adult?

Being an adult means watching countless hours of #allmymovies and relishing every moment because how will the world go on without a smiling, exhausted Shia LaBeouf to enthrall? Or eating gummy bears for breakfast, drowned down with chocolate milk. It means binge watching your way through a new Netflix show because you can and there is no bed time except for the one of ‘common sense’ that only you can choose to follow. Yes, there are many things we do once we are grown ups, but sometimes the realization of being a grown up can happen all very suddenly and in a subtle way.


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  • November 13, 2015 - 20:32

    Hannah | The Swirling Spoon - Wow, your cauliflower crust looks AMAZING. And I love your choice of toppings and the generous amount of cheese. This looks just as good as regular pizza! Well done you!!ReplyCancel

    • November 14, 2015 - 04:14

      Sylvie - Hi Hannah, thanks so much. Cheese is a necessary part of life so there needed to be a good amount. Definitely give this a go if you have a cauliflower in your kitchen. Have a great day.ReplyCancel


In this world of countless miles between loved ones, the simple act of messages can make the distance almost dissipate. I say almost because nothing ever comes close to actually being around someone, but my brother, who I have not seen in over three years and I, are currently on a mountaineering documentary kick. It’s almost on a daily basis that we message one another about another documentary where men much braver than ourselves have scaled and survived mountains.

Though neither of us have ever actually come close to this kind of adventuring, there is something to be said about sharing something with a close friend or family member that makes you feel far closer then you actually are geographically and it’s almost like I can hear us having the conversations. We converse about the difficulties these people have faced and the scenes that had us on the edge of our seats. We suggest what next to watch and to be honest, I’m not looking forward to the day we come to the end of this, mountaineering documentaries are just so much more interesting to talk about then another TV show.


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Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 17.53.25

Hello friends, I hope you are having a relaxing Sunday.

Today I want to talk about the unifying sense of music. How has music brought you together with others? Have you made friends while at a concert or do you have any memories from a gig you shared with people that stands out in your mind?

I thought about this subject while walking through Portobello Market here in London a couple of weeks ago, the day after Adele’s new single had been released. One of the stalls played ‘Hello’ and her song radiated through the gray fall day with people streaming in either direction most of which were tourists, and I couldn’t help but smile.

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For those who are new to this little blog, thanks for stopping by and for those who have visited over the last few years, thanks so much for your support. I hope you’ve had the courage to try one thing on here and it made you smile. Today is my four hundredth post and I thought it’s about time I take a little step back from the kitchen and tell you a little about myself and some of the things I’ve learned over the past almost four years.

To be a cook and baker does not take innate talent or a vast array of fancy ingredients. No, it’s all about patience and perseverance and sometimes being a little afraid of what you are actually doing. Of facing failure and giving it another go because it’s just food and no one is defined by a failed dish in their home kitchen.


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Making friends as an adult can sometimes be daunting, especially when you have relocated to another country all on your own. One of my roommates has found this to be a particular problem since leaving home for the first time and living thousands of miles from the only life she has ever known. That backbone of people who have always been there are suddenly, well not, and that can be hard to be confronted with.

We can’t just rely on our coworkers to become friends and most people already have their lives set up that they don’t need to add another to the list for celebrations and getaways. It can be hard to move past the shallow conversations of “what do you do?” to “let’s hang out.” Another friend of mine recently admitted that sometimes life really feels like it’s all on her shoulders, that at the end of the day she is very aware of this and whether I felt this way.


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  • November 4, 2015 - 22:05

    danielle is rooting the sun - sylvie this is ever so beautiful – i’ve always been interested in crafting a clafoutis, but i’ve never flat out done it. with the plums i find it such a blissful option – but the possibilities must be endless with whatever fruit is in season! perhaps i will give it a go, you make me feel good about trying. thank you for sharing! xoReplyCancel

    • November 6, 2015 - 08:46

      Sylvie - Hi Danielle, I hope you give this a go with whatever soft fruit you have on hand. Cherry is the traditional recipe and I have made clafoutis with so many different fruits over the last couple of years. It’s great for dessert or brunch. Have a great weekend xoxoReplyCancel


And in the final afternoon of the month, the All Blacks won the Rugby World Cup. Not something I usually talk about, Rugby is a religion in New Zealand so if you aren’t interested you keep your mouth shut. Once every four years between the quarter final and the final of the Rugby World Cup though, I become very interested in the sport and watch with fervor.

My pride to come from this small island nation worn with a wide smile and yesterday was by far the loudest I have ever screamed in supporting any sport. That last try though was worth it and there will surely be a lot of weary Kiwis around the world still feeling the after affects of celebrating that win.

October was spent watching a few rugby games, spending a day in Salzburg, and mostly looking for work with my contract having come to an end and a couple of movies at the BFI London Film Festival thrown in for good measure. Somehow I also managed to have my three hundredth recipe and my four hundredth post coming this week, this blog is continuing to grow with my new Sunday video series called Tête-à-Tête, feel free to join the conversation, I’d love to hear your views on these topics. Anyway, here is my October. I hope yours was good?:


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Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 8.46.54

Hello and happy Sunday. I hope you have had a good week. Today’s tête-à-tête is about where we lay our head while away, whether a long weekend not too far away or while overseas. Its about accommodation websites or more specifically airbnb and in no way is this a sponsored post. But have you heard of airbnb?

There have been many a time I have uttered in a passé way that I’m airbnbing my way through a trip. With tilted heads and a confused expression I then have to explain what exactly I mean by this phrase and what airbnb entails.

Airbnb screentshot

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