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What are your favorite memories of summer? Are they the long hot nights? The endless eating of watermelon and ice cream?

I’ve been thinking a lot about summer in New Zealand, maybe it’s because the last memories I hold are from a very beautiful, warm and long summer before I departed it’s shores. Maybe it’s because it seems the best summers I’ve ever had have been on those shores. Gallivanting between beaches with sand between my toes and hair that smells like the salty sea long after it has dried.

Maybe it’s the memories of warm air and cicadas that buzz so loud you can hear them over closed windows and the radio up. The sunburn that comes quicker than you can reapply sunscreen and nights so warm you toss and turn before the slumber of sleep comes.


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Even the best intentions cannot be fulfilled unless you actually put in effort and this thought was something I contemplated as I watched the pink clouds drift overhead while waiting for the training last evening. How is it Wednesday already??? I cannot fathom and yet this is the first post all week.

The intention was lost on my otherwise distracted mind and a rather stressful couple of days in the office. Meanwhile, five minutes for myself and looking up the last pieces of my trip that I will be on in a week were spent over this crunchy packed salad.


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It’s a casual Sunday morning and I’m meant to be having brunch, though my filmmaker friend hasn’t yet responded and I’m feeling a little peckish. Lazy Sunday mornings should be scheduless and I know that isn’t a word, but it should exist in this hectic, always running late for something, I’ve spent too much time on Buzzfeed world.

I’ve not actually written about my visit to the fair land of Denmark yet and somehow I’ve trumped that article with breakfast. Rice pudding pancakes to be honest. Ummmm, the post will be coming in the near future, but for now, rice pudding and pancakes is a concept I had never thought nor considered as something to make and here one of the happiest countries on earth does it as though it’s nothing.


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Through the haze it is now Wednesday. You see my weekend was not abnormally long, though it felt that way when somehow two of us ended up supporting our friend through 6 hours in A&E which meant we walked out into the morning light at 5am on Saturday morning in a hallucination of needing sleep before ubering our way home to each of our beds.

I cannot even fathom how this week has passed by so quickly, maybe it was the long days of work wedged between plans with friends in the evenings and somehow it is now smack bang the middle of July. July!!!

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2015-03-15 05.26.06

Summer is the time of year where friends come around bearing food and hours are spent outdoors chatting in the warmth of the long hours over glorious dishes. Weekends are best enjoyed with friends over food and its the best season to enjoy the freedom of relaxed atmosphere and looser schedules.

It seems only appropriate beyond the usual salads and sausages that are cooking on the grill, that there are plenty of things to make ahead of the evening to avoid the stress of being hidden away in the kitchen with those last dishes to share around for guests. Making it easy to maximize the joy of having a shared feast with friends.

Drinks are always essential and this non alcoholic mixers from Brazil would quench people’s thirst and impress with the great flavor, yet they are incredibly quick to make. The Brazilian Limeade is great for a tang but sweetness that is better than a soda and would make a perfect base for adding spirits.


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The heat is raging and my annual summer cold is also in full bloom, this makes for a difficult journey to and from work when the mind is fuzzy and the air is heavy. This is no complaint though, it is the hottest it’s been since I arrived in London and I’m so utterly grateful for the heat.

June was a mixed bag of busyness, with a color run thrown in for good measure. My last week was spent enjoying the few days left with my dad before he went back to the Southern Hemisphere. Needless to say we did a lot of walking, eating and chatting before those two extraordinary months came to an end in a busy terminal full of people going places.

Though my June was much much quieter than May, it still had some pretty wonderful moments of wonder, so here is my month in pictures.

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How was your weekend? Did you get up to anything special or simply relax in the warmth of the weather? It was my dads last weekend in London so we spent a fair amount of time out and about exploring a few areas he hadn’t seen yet and thankfully summer has arrived here in London. We managed to cover a fair amount of ground between eating and exploring before I accompanied him to the airport and felt a tinge of sadness that our time together had come so quickly to an end.

Summer is here though and with that there are so many plans, and visitors over the next month before I go off on another adventure. This year has truly been kind with the amount of travel completed and I feel rather lucky.

The trip to Iceland was held with such expectation that when it finally came to the week and then the day to go, it seemed slightly surreal. It was a far grander experience than I anticipated so I wanted to give a recipe from this land a go as soon as we landed back.


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Last week was so manic that I literally couldn’t crawl into bed quick enough on Friday night and somehow the new week has left me feeling a little less tired than when my weekend began. The most exciting thing I did was go to breakfast with a friend, with little regard for timeframes we sat and chatted for a couple of hours as fellow patrons came and went on to their busy Saturday’s, it was most probably the most relaxing Saturday morning I’ve had in sometime.

But now it is back to the grind and I’ve had Vancouver on my thoughts a lot lately, a perfect distraction from reality are the memories I hold from my short, but incredibly fulfilling time I spent in this oft rainy city. With friends having recently relocated, I am being reminded of how wonderful this place and country can be to call home so it felt only too right to give this recipe a go that calls home to Nova Scotia.


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This has been so mental that even my boss has been surprised that we are getting away long after the vast majority of the office. I knew this week would be crazy, but living it has been so much busy that this post is coming a day later than planned.

To be fair, it’s not even ‘officially’ summer yet, well not until Sunday, but this semifreddo is soooooo good that you could and should eat this no matter what time of year or what season it is. London has put on a good show of sunshine the last few weeks (well during the working week, on the weekends the weather returns to overcast to smite us all) and my patience could hold out no longer, this had to be made.

Yes, the white chocolate which is folded into the creamy custard and the tart cherries scream fancy dessert when you can in fact eat this in your running shorts when you aren’t even intending on running. No shame, I did that while eating this.


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My journey to Reykjavik began on Icelandair with an evening flight that allowed the national airline to show off it’s special ‘northern lights’ feature as we flew ever closer to this island nation’s shores and a mixture of local artists played over the airwaves as we boarded and departed.

Landing at midnight with a glimmer of orange still hovering in the sky in early May and temperatures hovering just above 0ºC, it wasn’t as icy as we predicted. The airport lies 40 minutes drive away from downtown and there is always a bus (a much cheaper option than a taxi and there whether your plane is delayed or on time) to pick you up and drop you outside your hotel or hostel.

The northern most capital on earth is the kind of city with a soundtrack that is as relaxed as the people who inhabit it. This city where it snows more than it’s fair share and cold dark nights stay longer than more of us could tolerate, yet the people are incredibly friendly and relaxed. The local music by the musicians who call this city home are a perfect example of us as the tunes stream out of the local stores downtown. All these little pieces make it hard to put into words quite how much I fell in love with this city.


The honeycomb of Harpa


View to the mountains

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Weekends are made of late Friday nights in pubs, watching people dance to mixed up old school music. They are made of long chats with friends you’ve never really had the chance to properly converse with beyond those five minute always rushed catch ups. They’re also made of new experiences like the color run.

I have been using the term ‘run’ rather loosely when telling people my plans for this weekend as my running was put on the wayside for a year to allow my body to heal properly, not just another month of no running and then the injuries I’ve had flair up again.

When this event came up it seemed too good an opportunity to pass up and give running another go, especially in the name of getting color thrown on me and my friends on a 5km route. A reachable goal for a beginner like me.

And we did it, felt satisfied and thankful for the incredibly warm weather London put on as we sat around drinking beer on the grass with countless others who were also shades of orange, purple and yellow. If you ever have a chance to do one, definitely give it a go!


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Back to reality seems like a really harsh term when your feet are landing back on the ground and life’s sweet tint of travel and interesting people is replaced with people you see all the time and your routine is much simpler and less complicated.

My life is held in suspense for a couple of months while the expectation of more new sights, sounds and people get nearer. For now though, it is back to reality and almost summer which London will surely get the memo soon enough of having to put on warm lovely weather.

They say we learn one thing every day and a lot of people day so if you haven’t yet been introduced to Matcha you may well be asking why this ingredient seems to be in a lot of recipes of late. Matcha powder, is the ‘in’ food this year, but somehow I stumbled upon it a couple of years ago and fell in love with it’s bitter flavor that is way better than a cup of regular old green tea.


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How was your month? What was the best thing that happened to you?

For me, no other May will ever quite live up to the traveling and places I got to see and experience this previous one that has now ended and brought me back to reality. There is still so much to be said about everything we did and saw and I’ll try my best to share those in the coming months.

Five countries in thirty one days is a lot to process and to share with you. But, for now, lets just get a peek into my month with a few photos and the best of what I found online.



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This month is in it’s last week and I’m on my fifth country, something I didn’t imagine when I was emailing my dad to come to Iceland (he hates the cold, but loves nature) for those two years. Yet here we are on our last adventure before I go back to reality and he continues his exploring alone.

Whilst we have been several places and on the move more days than not this month, time hasn’t felt fast. No internet on my phone has allowed for a fully present experience in each place. Life always has a way of feeling too fast for us, yet when we allow ourselves to be fully present in the people we’re surrounded by and the scenery within our reach it doesn’t pass us by as quickly as we may find if we don’t stop.


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